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September 19, 2010

Cake, Cake, Cake ….

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….get your yummy cakes at Cakearama – check the blog and gallery

June 2, 2009

The Business Development Cycle…

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Business Development Cycle_small

May 23, 2009

On the Question of Cognitive Surplus…

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Hugh MacLeod just posted about Dreck Intolerance. I know sh1t about Madison Avenue but the Clay Shirkey video below is so utterly, totally f**king on-the-nail. Transcript is here.

That is why I record stuff on Sky+ and FF through the ads and why I am sitting now with gapingvoid, twitter, Live Writer and my blog dash open with the TV off instead of sitting slack-jawed in front of another repeat of MI2. That’s why I’m re-discovering creativity I’d forgotten I had.

Once you learn that you can break the brainwashing-tube shackles, you come to really, REALLY resent it’s influence.  Watch this…….


May 18, 2009

On a Passing…

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Friends, colleagues and family gather.
Memories pooled – in thought if not in voice.
All focussed – for a moment  away from the ordinary,
Onto the special.
We all know the one who has passed,
But there is less sadness here.
There is celebration and appreciation –
Memorial rather than catharsis.
Later, a quiet dignity contrasts with youthful exuberance
As voices can raise and conversation resumes.

May 16, 2009

The Public Meets Bob, MP…

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public meets bob mp_small

April 12, 2009

But Now You’re Back

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been gone_small

May 28, 2008


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Fleeting eye contact,

A glance across the room,

Attention switched

Straight back to the laptop


The fire flickering,

No warmth at this distance

But the image tells me

That warmth is there


The door opens and

A chilly blast blows in,

People lean-in an inch

Closer to the fire


Low ceiling and warm colours,

Wooden floors and soft seats,

Create the soporific ambiance

For murmured conversations 

February 20, 2008


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I look in the mirror and smile

Examining the skin and wrinkles

I look closely at the eyes

Measuring the mouth, nose and chin

I recognise the face in the mirror


I have seen him for years

But not known him

I have shaved him for years

Disavowing him

The anger, choking

The disappointment, crushing


But the years have aged his face

And so have they mellowed his minds

Birth and Death

Have welled-over the tears

Which have run down these cheeks


And now, reconciliation

Becoming acceptance

I look in the mirror and smile

I like who I see smiling back

I look into his eyes and smile

I know the man looking back

February 12, 2008

The Moment

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In the moment

A dog barks

A bird calls

A tear wells


The past pulls and tugs

Interrupting the moment

Dragging me toward

The dark pool of memories


An effort of will

Brings me back

To the Sun

To the Frost

To the Now

January 15, 2008

Good Winter Morning

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The impatient sun rising in a rush

Paints the cloud-edge with orange and pink

Changing all as you watch

The sun’s pink spray contrasts with the

Darkness of the hills seen through cold clear air


The day’s potential lies ahead and

The promise of the peaceful dawn

Is consumed by the raucous day

The clamour of activity devours the peace

As stillness surrenders to the thundering herd

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