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May 31, 2009

Return of the SeaBass…

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A fishes greatest sin_small

Charity Relief…

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The SeaBass of Doom….

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May 27, 2009


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May 23, 2009

On the Question of Cognitive Surplus…

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Hugh MacLeod just posted about Dreck Intolerance. I know sh1t about Madison Avenue but the Clay Shirkey video below is so utterly, totally f**king on-the-nail. Transcript is here.

That is why I record stuff on Sky+ and FF through the ads and why I am sitting now with gapingvoid, twitter, Live Writer and my blog dash open with the TV off instead of sitting slack-jawed in front of another repeat of MI2. That’s why I’m re-discovering creativity I’d forgotten I had.

Once you learn that you can break the brainwashing-tube shackles, you come to really, REALLY resent it’s influence.  Watch this…….


May 18, 2009

On a Passing…

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Friends, colleagues and family gather.
Memories pooled – in thought if not in voice.
All focussed – for a moment  away from the ordinary,
Onto the special.
We all know the one who has passed,
But there is less sadness here.
There is celebration and appreciation –
Memorial rather than catharsis.
Later, a quiet dignity contrasts with youthful exuberance
As voices can raise and conversation resumes.

May 16, 2009

The Public Meets Bob, MP…

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public meets bob mp_small

May 15, 2009

Self Portrait….

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Just the way I like it…


May 8, 2009

Skwerl Blanc…

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PhotoFriday today is Wild Life – this little guys looks furious..


May 3, 2009

Teach a Man to Fish…

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Teach a Man to Fish_small

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