My Route to Self-Expression

February 20, 2008


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I look in the mirror and smile

Examining the skin and wrinkles

I look closely at the eyes

Measuring the mouth, nose and chin

I recognise the face in the mirror


I have seen him for years

But not known him

I have shaved him for years

Disavowing him

The anger, choking

The disappointment, crushing


But the years have aged his face

And so have they mellowed his minds

Birth and Death

Have welled-over the tears

Which have run down these cheeks


And now, reconciliation

Becoming acceptance

I look in the mirror and smile

I like who I see smiling back

I look into his eyes and smile

I know the man looking back

February 12, 2008

The Moment

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In the moment

A dog barks

A bird calls

A tear wells


The past pulls and tugs

Interrupting the moment

Dragging me toward

The dark pool of memories


An effort of will

Brings me back

To the Sun

To the Frost

To the Now

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