My Route to Self-Expression

November 28, 2007

Good Morning

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Stand at the window
Watch the sun rise
Stand on the ground
Rushing to the East


World turning
Sun immobile
See the blue marble
Spinning through space


The Sun will blaze
on the under-sided of clouds
The beauty of sunrise
Is past in a moment


The memory
the smile
is always
with me

November 25, 2007

Smell, Drink, Eat

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Cheery baristas, chilly consumers
Chirpy music, Growling grinders
Bump, Rattle, Bang, Hiss
Door, Cups, Grinder, Tills

Full throttle Starbucks, in your ears
In your mouth and up your nose
Smell it, Taste it, Hear it, See it
Touch it, Feel it, Know it, Be it

To go Grande Latte
Double tall skinny
To go Cinammon muffin
Vente Soy latte

Tall Green Tea
Grande Latte to go
Room for milk
Add sugar, Drink

The Ghost has a Name

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What can you say
When Bob has a bad day

The attention’s not there
the brain won’t engage

It’s not a great day
but it’ll pick up

To write, to draw
That’ll lift the mood

Hard to come down, to renew
To clear the head-shit

Not today
Maybe tomorrow

At least I know the name of
The ghost in my machine

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